Does really employer branding has an effect on organizations marketing structure and efforts? Or should there be?

This article covers the relation between employer branding and its effects on the marketing as a whole. So I will first start with the employer branding concept with the definitions and the academic studies on it. Later I will give the relation the branding literature of Kotler and AMA. The next step will be to evaluate how the employer brand can be promoted within an organization. And I will summarize what has been gathered based on my work thorough the paper. The work is not very deep to provide new insights to the reader but it will more imply very explicit relation between one old and one new developing concept in the world of practitioners and the academicians. So this paper is more of a discussion including previous works done and also a personal observations based on different corporate and commercial companies.


Leaders Make Your Dreams Come True

Your behaviours have more of an impact on your employees than what you say to them. If your behaviour as a leader is reasonable and wise, nobody pays attention to the perfection of your sentences or the quotations on your wall. Speaking of what is perfect loses its importance while serving as a model gains vital importance.

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