Team Coaching

Resistance to change is natural but it should not be paralyzing. Developing new paths to achieve breakthrough is possible by uncovering the hidden dynamics that have been supporting the status quo. Changes generally cause new earthquakes but getting in the balance takes time, effort and trust more than ever. This transitional periods should be handled with care in order to achieve a better future.

The program also offers strengthened relationships by learning how to work through disagreements: Hands-on tools for understanding and managing conflict increasing positive interactions among individuals and teams; handling conflict calmly and professionally, without becoming reactive.

Besides, being vulnerable in front of your teammates is a very clear way to show you trust for them. Unfortunately, many people take the opposite approach. Rather than admitting when they are stuck, or worried, or frustrated, they try to maintain the image that everything is fine—that they are in control.

If you are trying to preserve a false sense of invulnerability, you are missing a very important opportunity to convert team members into allies. In extreme cases, you’re probably turning them against you. They will be waiting and hoping for you to fail.

That trap would easily create a “Snow Ball” effect and spreads very quickly throughout the the company. Trust and vulnerability goes hand in hand. Not rarely, trust issues come with the nature of the leader and deep down traumas. Those should be worked even harder and handled with immediate actions even sometime outside of the business environment.

Team coaching program offers a well “Organizational Citizenship Behaviour” which refers to behaviors that go beyond the basic requirements of the job; it is to a large extent discretionary, and is of benefit to the organization.

The program also targets to mitigate what had been revealed in the evaluation works of loyalty and satisfaction survey. Points in those works will be the base for a starting point of what needs to be made better in terms of performance and the overall company results.




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